Recent Work

A one pager of the Keynote presentation I made to the client.

A collage of some of the work I did on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

Five for Five


Island Pacific Publishing, Frame Rate Studios
Social Media, Design, Copywriting

My first project with social media brought me to my Social Media Marketing Lead position with Island Pacific Publishing ( / that began in May 2012.

I have been working along side Shin Phan to create a social media presense for Island Pacific Publishing aswell as to form a brand image. This project will provide you with sample tweets and posts aswell as some measurements to the effectiveness of our content.

We effectively developed the Twitter account, created a growing Facebook page and jumped into Pinterest.

Five for Five is a project I'm working on for my friend Greg Yaniw ( the owner) of Frame Rate Studios. I helped come up with the idea for the promotion and created a graphic and animated web banner for the website.